Friday, 20 May 2016

Top Tips for Obtaining Higher Donations with Fundraising Bricks

When using fundraising bricks as a fundraising idea for your projects, there are endless possibilities that you can leverage on to maximize your revenue. Some of these include but not limited to:

• Multi-Level Donation: This involves doing engraved fundraising program consisting of multiple brick or paver products at varying prices, giving capable donors an opportunity  to give more to your project or cause.

• Child Art Products: This involves incorporating children's imagination into the donor bricks. Capturing children's art in your fundraiser bricks connects their families and donors with them thereby increasing your fundraising campaign's profit.

• Logo Products: Engraving Company, school, and sports team logos offer your fundraising products a greater donation level which can go a long way in helping your campaign raise more funds. Engraving logos on specialty products can also offer similar benefits.

Adding varying dimensions to your bricks fundraiser campaign provides you with an opportunity to entice donors to contribute more.  It creates a special excitement among the donors which usually results into premium donations. Get detailed information here.